Welcome to Women Affirming Women!

   It is my honor and pleasure to join the WAW team as our Executive Director and Board member.

   As women, we share something special and valuable – we are all caregivers. Many of us are moms. In that role, we love and nurture our children. Some of us have or soon may provide care for ailing parents, family members, or friends. Still others are grandmas looking after grandchildren. We are mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, daughters and friends joined by the shared bond of caring for our loved ones.

   Caregiving can be fulfilling, but it often results in physical and emotional exhaustion. We worry tirelessly, and feel stretched to our limits juggling jobs, housework, family, friends, and the demands of caring for those we love. Imagine undertaking our caregiving roles without a support system to sustain us through the financial, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social challenges we face as caregivers. As the statistics on this page demonstrate, the need for support in our community is great, and is ever-increasing.

   WAW has answered the cries for help from disadvantaged, unpaid female caregivers for over 20 years. WAW is built upon three service pillars: (1) a three-day wellness retreat weekend known as “Respite,” where clients get a break from caregiving, enjoy pampering, and join in community to support one another; (2) monthly wellness enrichment programs which provide support to WAW’s clients in mind, body and spirit, and a sustainable long-term support community; and (3) WAW’s dream of one day opening a Women’s Respite Care Center.

    We invite you to join us in our mission of improving the lives of marginalized female caregivers by providing respite and wellness services that will lead to a sustained community of support, love and fellowship for our clients. Please take a look around our website and discover the beauty that comes from caregiving in a sustainable, loving, and supportive community of women.

Mimi Geswein
Executive Director