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Caregiver Connection Circles

Each month, WAW hosts Caregiver Connection Circles, which provide our clients with an opportunity to gather in community to support one another. Our Caregiver Connection Circles provide educational programming, as well as time for socializing, bonding and fellowship. The goal of our Caregiver Connection Circles is to provide a long-term, sustainable support community for our female caregiver clients. WAW offers monthly programming designed to enrich our clients in mind, body and spirit.

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Revive and Thrive
Respite 2024 Retreat Weekend

Our retreat weekend is a three-day wellness retreat weekend known as “Respite,” where our guests get a break from caregiving, enjoy pampering, and join in community to support one another.


Thursday, July 18, 2024 – Saturday, July 20, 2024


St. Francis Spirituality Center
200 St. Francis Avenue
Tiffin, Ohio 44883

Respite 2024

For more information or to apply to attend Respite:

At Respite, our caregivers have the time to connect with their true selves, and with other female caregivers who are experiencing similar demands and challenges of full-time unpaid caregiving. Many of our guests are the sole source of financial support for their families. They have little to no “me” time or opportunity to focus on realizing their full potential as women.

There is ample evidence that unpaid female caregivers experience high levels of stress, anxiety, depression, isolation, and feelings of hopelessness. Many also suffer physical health setbacks as a result of these circumstances. At Respite, our ladies have the opportunity for renewal in mind, body and spirit.

Our Respite Retreat Weekend is offered at no-cost to our guests. Through Respite and our other programs, our goal is to improve the lives of low-income female caregivers in the Columbus Region by providing a sustainable, year-long support program resulting in measurable improvements in our clients’ physical, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being, by helping to relieve the physical, emotional and social negative outcomes occasioned by the demands of unpaid and unsupported caregiving. WAW has three specific objectives: (1) improving the physical health of our clients; (2) improving the emotional health of our clients; and (3) strengthening social support for our clients.

At Respite, we celebrate every guest! Respite activities include speakers who empower the women to celebrate themselves, and to share openly among a supportive group of similarly-situated women. Respite provides the opportunity for spiritual growth through group prayer and individual reflection. Physical health is promoted through yoga classes, massage therapy, and nature walks. Emotional care is available from on-site counselors and the support community that Respite nurtures. WAW’s clients learn goal-setting through guided group discussion and creating vision boards. They also enjoy social bonding time during evening social events, creative craft sessions, sharing meals together and shopping at WAW’s no-cost boutique.

  • Spa services

  • Arts and crafts

  • Time for quiet reflection

  • Yoga classes

  • Massage therapy

  • Meeting new friends

  • Nature walks

  • Shopping at our complimentary boutique

  • Evening socials

  • Sleeping late or rising with the sun

  • Celebrating our caregivers

Our Future: Women's Respite and Wellness Center

Our Caregiver Connection Circles and Respite weekend plant the seeds for growth and renewal. But the seeds need sustenance and nurturing long-term for lasting impact. Our future goal is to open a Women’s Respite and Wellness Center in Columbus, Ohio. At the Center, women caregivers will have the opportunity to enjoy frequent respite, not just for one weekend out of the year. They will enjoy rest, rejuvenation and restoration every time they visit. The Center will offer an array of programs and services that are most vital to meet the current challenges they face.
Education: Life skills mentoring to elevate the everyday

Education: Life skills mentoring to elevate the everyday

Service examples: healthy cooking on a budget; financial literacy; budgeting; community resource education
Health & Wellness:  Compassion begins with love of self

Health & Wellness: Compassion begins with love of self

Service examples: nutrition; mental wellness; meditation; fitness; healthy cooking
Parenting: Navigating the caregiver parenting journey

Parenting: Navigating the caregiver parenting journey

Service examples: prenatal care; managing social media; child anxiety and depression; body image awareness
Fellowship & Spirituality:  A safe place to gather and socialize in community

Fellowship & Spirituality: A safe place to gather and socialize in community

Service examples: game night; picnics and ice cream socials; crafting; coffee talk; lunch & learn; spiritual encounters
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